Setting a field

The basic Field setting
Setting a field with restrictions
With fielding restrictions                                 Without restrictions
Setting an Attacking or a Defensive field
Attacking field                                               Defensive Field
An attacking field     A defensive field


With three slips, a gully and a short-leg all up in catching positions, this is an attacking field you're most likely to see


A defensive field is often used if a team is conceding too many runs or if a bowler is struggling to bowl a regular line and length.



Setting a Off, or Leg-side field

Off side                                                                 Leg-Side

How to set on off-side field     A leg-side field


If your team has a bowler who can bowl a tight line and length just outside off stump, then it's possible to set an off-side field to reflect this.


Bowling to a leg-side field is usually seen as a defensive move.