Ruislip Cricket Club - Changing Room & Showering Policy


Ruislip Cricket Club Changing Room and Showering Policy



- Adults must not change, or shower, at the same time using the same facility

as children *



- Adults should try to change at separate times to children during matches, for

example when children are padding up



- If adults and children need to share a changing facility, the club must have

consent from parents that their child(ren) can share a changing room with

adults in the club



- If children play for adult teams, they and their parents, must be informed of

the club’s policy on changing arrangements



- Mixed gender teams must have access to separate male and female

changing rooms



- Mobile phones must not be used in changing rooms



- If children are uncomfortable changing or showering at the club, no pressure

should be placed on them to do so. Instead suggest they change and shower

at home.


*Children refers to anyone under 18 years old